Matthew J. Haiduk, Lawyer.

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Your License Is

Can you get by without it?

Your Life

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The prosecution has lawyers working for them. Who do you have working for you?

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What's your next move?
The prosecutor has one.

Do you?

Will you fight for what you need?  Will you?

It comes in many forms. It is illegal. It catches “normal” people every day of the year. It’s those three, dreaded letters: D.U.I.

There are a lot of incentives for the police to arrest people for DUI. Extra DUI arrests can look better on applications for federal grants. Lots of DUI arrests also give off the perception that “the streets are safer.” After all, if the police set a new record for DUI arrests, that means they have “finally” cleaned up the streets, right? Do not forget M.A.A.D or A.A.I.M., either. They have people keeping track of DUI arrests and what the judges are doing with them in court.  They are probably watching your case at the courthouse in Woodstock.

All of this adds up to pressure. A lot of pressure. Financial, political, and social pressure. It’s pressure to convict people for DUI.  Do you know what happens if you get convicted? You lose your license. No questions asked.  It does not matter if your DUI arrest was in Crystal Lake, or Algonquin, or anywhere in Illinois.  Get convicted, and your license is revoked.

Matthew J. Haiduk is a Crystal Lake DUI Lawyer with over a decade of experience fighting DUI cases in McHenry County.  He knows what you are up against.  He knows how to help you avoid that conviction. He knows what to do if you want to go to trial. He also knows ways to avoid that dreaded DUI conviction.


1. Driving under the Influence.

D.U.I.: Three simple letters, one complicated process. No other single misdemeanor can affect an entire lifetime so easily.

2. Criminal Defense.

ALCOHOL TICKETS TO MURDER: Felony or misdemeanor, it does not matter. Proficient in negotiations, motions, bench trials and jury trials. 

3. Traffic.

KEEP YOUR LICENSE: Bad driving record? Accident? Too busy to come to court? These are reasons you may need a lawyer.



About The Attorney


Matthew J. Haiduk’s is not just another Crystal Lake DUI lawyer. His cases have been covered by local and regional news on numerous occasions. Both newspaper and television have chronicled some of the people Haiduk has fought for. Internet bloggers as far away as Alaska have weighed-in on his work.

McHenry County’s own newspaper, The Northwest Herald has contacted Haiduk for his opinion to use in columns and important stories.

Did you know?


  • You can fight your summary suspension. It may be possible to even beat it before it starts. Want to know how? Call to learn about it.847-802-8384. Get an experienced lawyer for your DUI.